About Us

The element of Platinum is generally classified as a "transition metal", which to owner Craig Oberlander isn't too far off from his starting point. The salon was originally named Platinum the Highlight Salon, and after taking over as owner in the spring of 2008; Craig decided to make his vision of growth become a reality.

Not only representing the Hollywood Bombshells, the "transition" aspect of Platinum begins in 2007 when Craig began working for what was then the Highlight Salon as a spring board back into his career after undergoing a heart transplant. Although he dabbled in culinary arts before training as a hair artist, he saw that the atmosphere in the salon as calming; and his clients were so loving and devoted to him and his art. The following year he was faced with the offer to take ownership and couldn't pass it up.

Although a good cut is the hallmark of good hair artists, Craig has created a culture that isn't confined to hair alone. He has brought in the most talented make-up and nail artists in the city and the evolution or "Platinum"; if you will, pursues. Craig is a stellar example of how far passion, determination, and dedication can take you. The team's pleasant personalities combined with the commitment and love of their work has made Platinum everybody's favorite salon.


Craig Oberlander - Owner

Prominent hair artist Craig Oberlander is the founder of Platinum Salon.

Craig specializes in precision cutting and with his artistic vision and impeccable attention to detail, enjoys working with clients to come up with styles individualized to their needs.

He has worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years and keeps up with the latest hair trends as they appear in fashion. A top hair artist in Northern California, Craig is a color educator for Independent Salon Services and is looking forward to the future growth of Platinum Salon.

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